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Using Brick Sealer for Natural Brick Protection and Durability


It’s no secret that brick is both beautiful and practical and make an ideal contribution to any construction project including brick cladding, internal applications and more. However, brick has one weak spot, and that’s the fact that it’s permeable. That’s where our brick sealers fit in. Also known as a masonry sealer, our brick sealer products will give you peace of mind. You don’t have to worry about water penetration, elements, staining and vegetation growth such as algae or moss. With our brick sealer your brickwork will be protected with a protective coating to prevent marks and stains from spoiling its look.


Nano brick sealer works by filling in the pores therefore providing protection to the brick. It can prevent liquids from being absorbed by the brick and instead it repels the spillage. This will give you time to clean up the liquid and avert a damage situation. However, only specially designed brick sealers will provide you with the protection that you need to keep your brick looking beautiful. Our brick sealer product range are nano stone sealers


Sealing brick to improve efficiency is common and recently scientists have recently developed a new generation of coatings that delivers the best protection - the nano sealer.  Once applied, nano sealers will create a transparent but fully protective film to prevent brick from hosting:


• Lichen • Algae • Moss • Fungus • Bacteria • Chemicals etc.


The treatment then leaves the surface easy to clean and maintain. With our natural brick sealer, water and oil will be repelled in addition to soil not being able to penetrate the surface. The coated surface can then be cleaned using water and a mild cleaning detergent. The nano sealer provides an environmentally friendly and economical option to protect your brick’s surface.  It can also be applied as a brick sealer for hand-made bricks, kiln-fired bricks or artificial bricks.





Nano Stone Multi-Purpose sealer is a water-based sealer.

It is practically free from volatile organic substances and is designed

for sealing absorbent mineral materials. Impregnated surfaces last clean longer and are less prone to water stains, dirt and dust, which otherwise quickly settle on facades, walls, flooring or terraces.

Highly staining liquids such as cola, tea or coffee, which are quickly absorbed by unprotected surfaces, are easier to get rid of.


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Nano Stone Enhancing Sealer is a flexible, water-based product used in construction. Designed for internal hydrophobic protection

of concrete and any concrete construction, and all kinds of natural stone as well as other indoor and outdoor absorbent mineral surface. Primer darkens and polymerises the internal structure, while sealer protects the surface externally.


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