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Frequently Asked Questions

#1: Why is it so important to protect natural stone? To preserve the longevity of a natural stone installation it is very important to protect it with a proper sealer. All natural stone are porous. As long as we have an absorption factor, stone will stain and deteriorate over time, from regular use of tap water in the routine cleaning, contains salts, minerals and chlorine which are all detrimental to natural stone. In addition spills from oil, food, beverages can penetrate entirely and discolor the stone.


#2: What is the purpose of impregnating / penetrating sealer? Impregnator or penetrating sealers are designed to penetrate below the surface of the stone and either deposit solid particles in the pores of the stone, or coat the individual minerals below the surface. Penetrating sealers work by restricting water, oil and dirt from entering the stone or tile. Properly applied, a good impregnator sealer will not affect the texture or the appearance of the stone.


#3: What does sealing or impregnating stone really mean? In the stone industry, sealing and impregnating are often confused. The main objective of an impregnator is to protect the inside of natural stone from staining. Impregnator will keep the acid out of the stone but not off the top surface. Sealers on the other hand will provide protection on the surface and resist better stains.


#4: What Can An Impregnator/Penetrating Sealer Do? An impregnator/penetrating sealer will resist water, oils, grease, mold, mildew, algae, efflorescence, graffiti, grout dyes, mortar haze, acid rain, atmospheric dirt, lime deposits, soap scum and other penetrating items. In addition, an impregnator/penetrating sealer will make the surface less slippery, harder, allow water vapor transmission and not change the natural look

of the surface. The theory is to make the surface easier to keep clean and pristine.









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