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How Nano Sealants Work

Only specially designed sealers will provide the protection that you need to keep your sandstone and other materials look beautiful.


Sealing stone to improve its performance is common but recently scientists have developed a new generation of products which deliver the best protection - the nano sealants.  Once applied, nano sealants will create a transparent but fully protective film.


Nano sealers work by filling pores in the substrate and changing its chemical structure. They prevent liquids from being absorbed and in fact repel any moisture. This gives the time to clean the surface and avoid lasting soiling or staining. They also protect against:


• Lichen • Algae • Moss • Fungus • Bacteria • Chemicals etc.


The treatment makes maintaining surfaces clean easier as elements will find it more difficult to penetrate the substrate.

Sealed surface can be cleaned with the use of water and a mild cleaning detergent if necessary.


The nano sealant provides an environmentally friendly and economical option to protect sandstone.  It can also be applied to other porous stones

and materials that require stain protection, such as marble, compounds, clinker,  concrete, cobblestone, concrete fencing, paving slabs, brick and any natural stone.


Nano sealers are easy to apply. They can be sprayed on or simply spread on surface with the use of a brush or a roller.

See notes for use of particular product for more details.






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