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Strengthen and Protect Stone Surfaces and Indoors and Outdoors


NaNo Stone Multi-Purpose is a water-based, solvent free, penetrating mineral and stone surface sealer, used widely in the building industry for both interior and exterior surfaces. It is ‘hydrophobic’, repelling water and 'oleo-phobic', repealing oil and grease.  It protects and seals concrete, all natural and artificial stone other absorptive minerals, including brick or paving.


NaNo Stone Mult-Purpose protected and sealed surfaces stay clean longer and remain free from staining after rain, contaminating particles or dust which can cling to facades, walls, floors or terraces. It also protects surfaces from contamination caused by liquid taints, such as coffee or tea, which absorb quickly into unprotected surfaces and leave permanent stains. NaNo Stone Multi-Purpose treated surfaces possesses hydrophobic and oleo-phobic properties, making it stronger than other sealants.  It is resistant to friction and even where surfaces become damaged, deeper penetration still protects sealed areas. On treated surfaces, water forms into droplets (‘water-beading’ effect), because the surface tension of NaNo Stone Multi-Purpose constituents is so small that water cannot adhere to the area.

Stone and Brick Protection in Just One Sealer


NaNo Stone Multi-Purpose is suitable for use on vertical and horizontal surfaces such as:


• Concrete and reinforced concrete

• All natural stone, e.g. marble and granite

• Other permeable, unpolished mineral surfaces,

e.g.: brick, sandstone, clinker, tiles


NaNo Stone Multi-Purpose can be used for easy cleaning of many otherwise porous mineral vertical and horizontal surfaces. It is suitable for both internal and external applications.

Safe and Lasting Stone Surface Protection


NaNo Stone Multi-Purpose is almost free from volatile organic compounds and is generally recognized as safe and biodegradable. There are no health concerns once it is applied. Further safety information is available for download via NaNo Stone Multi-Purpose Safety Datasheet.


NaNo Stone Multi-Purpose gives 100% effective protection after 24 hours and has a limitless life in areas where substrate temperature is generally between 10°C to 40°C., making it highly economical and adding value and longevity to treated structures.


How To Use NaNo C2 For Lasting Protection


NaNo Stone Multi-Purpose penetrates into absorbent surfaces and forms a vapour-permeable impregnated layer with hydrophobic and oleo-phobic properties

i.e. it repels water and oil based liquids. Unlike silicone based sealers, NaNo Stone Multi-Purpose has no sticky resin. It creates excellent ‘water pearling effect’

for efficient run off and so prevents the penetration by water based dirt, oil and grease as well as general staining. NaNo Stone Multi-Purpose also limits the growth of lichen, algae and other microorganisms or eliminates it altogether. Treated surfaces remain clean for a longer period of time and can also be cleaned easier.


The permeating and bonding action of NaNo Stone Multi-Purpose nano-molecules means it cannot lost from the treated surface without physical force and destroying the material. This is not the case with silicone that perishes merely under the influence of weather conditions (i.e. acid rain, temperature variation, sunshine, frost or ice).


Coating durability is virtually unlimited. Subsequent layers are generally unnecessary. When fully-absorbed and well-bonded, this product guarantees 100% efficiency. It is UV resistant and does not yellow, giving lasting, effective and aesthetic protection.


Complete bonding with the treated area takes place after 10 to 12 hours.  The surface acquires complete liquid repellent properties after 24 hours. NaNo Stone Multi-Purpose is not frost-proof, so cannot be used at temperatures below +2°C. The recommended air and substrate temperature during application is 10°C to 40°C. This product is not suitable for polished surfaces. Where mechanical forces are applied to surfaces, or any of these alternative restrictions apply, please get in touch to discuss your particular circumstances, NaNo will have a product to suit.


For further information on this product, please download our NaNo Stone Multi-Purpose Datasheet.

NaNo C2 Product Range


Whatever size of surface, there is a product size to fit the job. Choose from:


• 0.5 litre bottles with spray nozzle

• 1 litre bottles with spray nozzles

• 5 litre jerry can with safety cap

• 10 litre jerry can with safety cap


As a rough guide, 1 litre per 6-12 m2 (two layers) - depending on type of surface and its absorption properties.


For full details of NaNo Stone Multi-Purpose’s product specifications, download our Data Sheet User Guide. Alternatively, if you have any questions about which product is best for protecting and enhancing your surfaces, whether stone, glass, plexi, metal, or other material, please get in touch by emailing us your query, or calling us now to speak to our friendly Nano Solutions customer service team on: 0131 331 5473




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