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What is Nano technology?

Nanotechnology is a relatively new branch of science yet quickly becoming omnipresent. It spans such fields as electronics, medicine and biomaterials. It is about creating new materials by manipulation of matter at atomic, molecular, and supermolecular level.


In the field of sealers, this has tremendous implications.


Unlike traditional products which protect surface by providing an external layer, in the process of molecular cross-linking nano sealers change the chemical structure of the substrate they are applied to.


Natural stone, concrete, wood and other materials can become water or even oil-repellent. This is demonstrated by the water-beading effect - watch the water just roll off surface! Sealed substrates become more resistant to dirt and dust as well while staying vapour-permeable. Some of our products make it possible even to remove graffiti from previously impregnated surfaces.


At the same time, our sealers will not alter the colour of the substrate although some of them offer the option to create the wet stone effect and enhance natural colours.


Unlike silicone based products, nano sealers do not fade, peel or power-wash away. They do not lose their qualities without presence of such atmospheric factors as rain, UV radiation, temperature differences or frost either. Thoroughly sealed, even chipped surfaces retain hydrophobic qualities.


Furthermore, our nano-sealers are water-based,  easy to apply and non-toxic.


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